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This breakthrough system that breaks down step-by-step how to achieve 3 solid income streams, regardless of market conditions!

Discover The Simple But Powerful “Triple-A” Stock Investing Strategy That Helped Thousands Of “Regular Employees” Get Started On Making Consistent Returns Of 9-15% Per Year… And That’s Being Conservative!

Well, we don’t want to overpromise, hence the conservative figure of 9-15% returns per year. But many of our participants actually get more than 20% a year after applying our powerful investment strategies…

Read on to find out how you can enjoy similar or even better returns!

Raving Results From Regular Employees, Like Yourself:

” Before attending the class, I’ve this limiting belief that I will definitely lose money in stocks. 

But 4 months after the class, I’ve made 15% returns from my very first stock investment! “

– JC Lim, Engineer

About Our Master Trainer

Some of you may know Cayden Chang from his recent book launch “The Book Of Hope”. He and his programmes are also featured in major newspapers, national television and radio stations… and he has spoken to thousands of people on national platforms about shares investing.

In order to further improve his stocks investing knowledge, Cayden flew around the world to learn directly from the top investment gurus. Two of them were Professor George Atthanassakos from the Ben Graham Centre For Value Investing, and Professor Bruce Greenwald from Columbia University of New York. They are the only 2 professors in the world that teaches Value Investing.

Since 2010, Cayden has been helping thousands of people in 5 countries across Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar) with ZERO experience, to build consistent income streams from their investment portfolio.

You now have the opportunity to learn and apply the exact value investing strategies they used to see similar, or even more impressive results for yourself. Simply click on the button below to claim your free seat!

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Here Are Just Some of The Students He Has Helped:

“Cayden helps us understand the stock market more and teaches us to be rational in choosing our stocks and back it up with financial numbers. His course also gives us the tools to select good businesses. Even after the course, the monthly gatherings and support system is impressive! ” 

– Livia Goh, HR Executive

” This class is so easy to understand that even a teenager like myself can apply the concepts. In fact, I’ve generated pretty good returns so far, the highest being 6.7% within a month! ” 

– Nadhitha, Polytechnic Student

Here's A Fraction Of What You'll Discover When You Attend:

Our “Triple-A” Value Investing Strategy 

Like the name implies, 3 simple steps to make profits. That’s it. Even teenagers who attended the masterclass are seeing results because it’s that easy, yet profitable. Many of our participants are enjoying consistently “abnormal” and “off-the-chart” returns as high as 30% per year after applying this strategy! (You could be next!)

3 Income Streams That You Can Build From Stock Investments 

Armed with this knowledge, you will be more profitable that 90% of the professional fund managers out there!

Common Myths About Investing  

These are causing many (including yourself) to suffer loss after loss in the stock market. If you don’t dispel these myths ASAP, you’ll NEVER become a profitable investor.

The “Freedom Investment” Concept  

The specially designed “A-B-C” investment method for busy executives like yourself, who want to make passive income but are always tied up with work, family and other matters. A gist of how this works: Minimal time, minimal effort, maximum results, maximum returns.

The “Freedom Investment” Concept  

The specially designed “A-B-C” investment method for busy executives like yourself, who want to make passive income but are always tied up with work, family and other matters. A gist of how this works: Minimal time, minimal effort, maximum results, maximum returns.

Investment Strategies To Grow Massive, Passive Wealth

These are exact investment strategies and game plan I used to build a 7-figure investment business in just 3 years, despite suffering losses of US$50,000 when I first started. Many people fail to gain financial freedom, even if they’re drawing a decent salary every month, because they fail to understand strategies to grow massive, passive wealth.

Why Your Inaction Today Will Cause You To Lose More Than Half Of Your Net-Worth Over The Next 5-10 Years

By inaction, I mean keeping all your money in the bank. If you continue doing that, your hard-earned money will disappear and go up in smoke… without you even knowing it!

A Little-Known Secret To Find Stocks “On Sale”

The average investor has no way of knowing this. But I’ll show you an insider secret to purchase stocks at undervalued prices, allowing you to gain instant savings on purchase! You’ll be shocked at how potently lucrative this secret is!

Many Other Advanced Investment Insights, Strategies And Techniques

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Value Investing Notes of “The Intelligent Investor” worth $80 – The world’s richest investor, Warren Buffett, acknowledged “The Intelligent Investor” by Professor Benjamin Graham as his “investment bible”. Our notes pick out the best bits of the book, allowing you to internalize the content in a short, fast and profitable manner. A not-to-be-missed offer for all value investors!

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26th Oct 2017 (Thu), 7pm – 10pm
9th Nov 2017 (Thu), 7pm – 10pm

3 Shenton Way, #03-03/04, Shenton House, Singapore 068805 (5 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station)

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What Are You Waiting For?

With the value we provide, you’ll never find a better investing class anywhere else. Many working professionals who want to learn about investing can see that too. That’s why our masterclasses are always packed and over-subscribed.

Don’t miss out, especially if you’re serious about your financial future. The time is now. Change needs to happen. Not next time. Not next year. But now. At our next Masterclass. Because this is serious. This is your future. Your family’s future. Don’t take it lightly.

Change nothing, and nothing will change. So let’s start changing, improving and innovating…together. Let me help you grow your wealth and give you your ticket to financial freedom. Thousands have benefited… you could be next!

In Case You Need More Proof, Here Are More Raving Reviews From Our Happy Participants…

” I’ve been trading for 10 years, but I had no idea what the heck I was doing. By coming here, I now have a methodology for the investments I want to buy. I’m from an IT background, so when I read a financial statement I go into “screensaver mode”. But now, I can make an investing decision in just 15 minutes a month. That’s a huge timesaver; and a fantastic way to make money. “

– Stephanie Chu, Project Manager

“I bought in the shares at $12-$15… Then I sold it at $37… I want to give a huge shout out to Cayden for changing my financial life. I am only 21 and armed with this knowledge, I am definitely going to be financially-free one day. “

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